MASOC latest catalogue ''Equipment, tools and technologies for forestry and wood processing''

MASOC latest catalogue Equipment tools and technologies for forestry and wood processing

Engineering and metal working industry in Latvia is one of the leading kinds of industry. Manufacturing of equipment, devices and technologies for woodworking, logging and biomass energy industries is oneof the engineering fields where considerable knowledge and competence are obtained in Latvia.

Manufacturers of the equipment for the forestry sector are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises where each of them specializes in particular market niche and is able to offer individual solutions meeting a consumer’s needs. Most of the manufacturers specialize in individually developed solutions adjusted to a customer. That ensures better meeting a customer’s actual needs. Simple solutions, as well as completely automatical production lines may be offered depending on the customers’ needs.

We offer to examine lastest MASOC catalogue dedicated to equipment, tools and technologies for forestry and wood processing:

The material has been prepared and published within the project
“Development of Metal Working Cluster” No.

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