Areas of activity

The Association's main task is to promote the development of its members' international competitiveness. Main areas of activities include:

  • Representation of companies’ interests
  • Advertising and marketing of companies’ technological possibilities and products
  • Cooperation with sectors of education and research
  • International cooperation and networking
  • Development of mutual cooperation
  • Analysis of industry development

Representation of interests

One of the main tasks of the Association is its members' interests’ representation at national and international level. It is implemented in cooperation and dialogue with government institutions - ministries, agencies, local governments and other institutions participating in the working groups and councils, as well as providing opinions and suggestions on the issues affecting the development of the sector.

Representation of sector’s interests is implemented in cooperation with the Employers' Confederation of Latvia and the Chamber of Commerce Latvia, where the MASOC is a member of. The Chairman of the Board of the MASOC participates in the National Economy Council at the Ministry of Economic, where all the most important economic policy issues are coordinated, as well as at the Council of Higher Education. All the issues that affect interests of companies of the sector The Ministry of Economy coordinates with the Association. Professional educational standards and programs of the sector the Ministry of Education coordinates with the Association.

At the European level interest representation is implemented in cooperation with ORGALIM, where the MASOC is a member of.

Marketing and Advertising

Products made by members of the Association, their technological opportunities and cooperation offers are advertised in international exhibitions, during visits and trade missions. Every year the Catalogue of companies "Latvian Metal Industry" is published that includes information on products, services and technological solutions offered by all members of the Association. The Catalogue is distributed among industry professionals and partners in Latvia and export markets. Full information about the company products and production facilities are also available on the MASOC in the Database of companies.

Education and Research

Development of the industry is impossible without qualified specialists. One of the main tasks of the Association is to promote the supply of adequate and qualified specialists to the industry. The cooperation with all major professional and higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education is carried out as well as activities to attract youth to learning and studying the engineering and industry relevant professions. All industry related professional standards are reconciled with the Association.

Additionally the Association promotes the development of continuous training and lifelong learning in the sector. Since 2011, the EU co-financed project "The training of metalworking professionals" project is being implemented that enables companies to ensure skill development of the existing staff in training programs organized in partnership.

International cooperation

The Association collaborates with companies’ unions, associations and cluster organizations in different countries. Cooperation agreements are concluded with organizations in the Baltic States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Finland and other countries.

Within the cooperation framework joint business networking events, visits and exchange of information are organized. International range of contacts is constantly developed during exhibitions, trade missions and in frame of international projects.

The MASOC is the member of the ORGALIM - Europe’s technology industries. Membership in this organization provides access to information on legislation, technical standards and other important industry related development issues in Europe, as well as providing direct contacts with all sectoral organizations of European countries.

Mutual cooperation

Mutual cooperation is promoted by joint projects and activities as well as by ensuring the exchange of information. The MASOC constantly maintains and updates the database of corporate technological capabilities and competencies, thereby facilitating the search for cooperation partners. Joint events are regularly held within which informal contacts could be made with other companies in the sector. The board meetings are held once a month open for all members of the Association. Regularly practiced off-site meeting of the Association in companies in different regions of Latvia gives additional opportunities for information sharing and networking. In the restricted section of the MASOC website members have the opportunity to exchange information necessary for cooperation by publishing cooperation proposals, orders as well as getting acquainted with offers of other companies and foreign partners. The development of mutual cooperation is one of the basic tasks of the "Development of Metal Cluster", for this purpose involving the EU co-financing

Information and Analysis

Development trends of industry in Latvia and in the main export markets are analysed on regular basis. The development of technological abilities of companies within the industry, the situation with the load of production capacity, existing and missing specialists as well as other sector-related information is being analyzed. The information is obtained from various sources - the Central Bureau of Statistics, government institutions, partner organizations, Latvia and other countries, as well as by industry studies and surveys of sector companies in Latvia.

Access to up to date information on industry trends helps the Association to plan further actions to promote development of the industry and are essential to every company in its business development decisions.

Members are always on the first place for the Association therefore all kinds of information flow takes place mainly between the association and its members.