SME Aisle


SME Aisle project objective is to support SMEs from Central Baltic (Finland (Åland), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden) with an ambition and potential to enter into new markets in Southern Africa using Namibia as stable entry point. Themes are shipbuilding, maritime and logistics, renewable energy, automation and ICT.

Project implementation time: 01/03/2018 to 31/08/2022
Total budget: 1 731 850.31 EUR (ERDF: 1 358 178.06 EUR)
Project partners: Finland (Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Prizztech Oy), Latvia (Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia), Estonia (Tallinn University of Technology)

CB region companies in Finland incl. Åland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden have strong competences for maritime cluster (shipbuilding, maritime& logistics, renewable energy, automation, ICT). However, many CB companies are too small alone and expertize is very limited/scattered for export activities on fast growing Southern African market (62% of global population in Africa by 2050). The customers expect concept solutions for products and services. There are vast export possibilities for an adaptable, scalable product and services concept for CB region companies as clusters to these markets. Main objective is to achieve sales to CB’s SME’s with joint concept using Namibia as a safe entry point to coastal Southern African (SA) countries (e.g. South Africa, Angola, Mozambique). All SME Aisle partners are already operating actively within safe, smart and environmentally friendly maritime cluster to promote export from Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden. The lead partner has deep expertise and consistent connections in Namibia’s business environment since 2012.

Project activities: 
- Market research and analysis;
- Contact making trips to Namibia and other countries in the South African region;
- Organization of incoming visits to prospective clients and cooperation partners from Namibia and other countries in the South African region;
- Training, informational and practical support for companies interested in the South African market.

Project target results: 
- An adaptable export concept of products and services for coastal areas of Southern African Development Community (SADC) with Namibian partners
- The best practices are expanded in Central Baltic area and SADC area for maritime export
- At least 15 companies have achieved sales in Southern African countries by the end of the project.

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