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Valts Jakubovičs
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+371 26135853
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Andris Žuravļovs
Head of sales
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+371 29100262
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Number of employees
Turnover in 2022 EUR
1 612 571
Turnover in 2021 EUR
1 289 985
Turnover in 2020 EUR
1 435 479
Year of foundation
Business profile
APPLY is an experienced developer of customized Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision solutions. Our solutions successfully perform tasks in various production segments and stands out for a high level of accuracy and high performance. We have successfully implemented more than 50 AI and Computer Vision projects in different industries and production companies. We create: Automated visual quality control systems; Automation solutions for production equipment (including control of robotic devices); Complex internal business computer systems - ERP, CRM, OCR. Studying, adapting and implementing Industry 4.0 methods in production plants. Our deep knowledge on AI computer vision technology gives us possibility to solve totally diverse tasks.
Looking for cooperation in the area of
We offer to create accurate, automated, uncompromising quality control systems in production facilities. Both for own products and also for received raw materials. We offer to become the intellectual component for manufacturers and integrators of robotics and industrial automation equipment. We offer the creation of individual, specific internal computer systems for companies (OCR, ERP, CRM), accounting, document flow. Automated determination of product quantities, and other needs
Other technologies, not mentioned previously
AI and computer vision
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