Вышел новый MASOC каталог Latvian Metal Industry 2022!

Вышел новый MASOC каталог Latvian Metal Industry 2022

MASOC member catalogue Latvian Metal Industry is only such kind of annual informative material about mechanical engineering and metalworking industries in Latvia.

Latvian Metal Industry includes actual information about industry and member companies, such as technological capabilities, products and services offered by them.

You are welcome to receive MASOC new catalogue Latvian Metal Industry 2022 in electronic format: https://www.masoc.lv/data/Katalogs2022/MASOC_katalogs_2022.pdf

! The same information is available also in MASOC member companies data base (Members – Member database), where You can sort companies by district, main markets, certificates in use, technology facilities, business activities, number of employees, turnover and other keywords https://www.masoc.lv/en/members/member-database

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